Round the clock surveillance

We specialize in custom made home and premises alarm systems, CCTV surveillance systems, electric fences and gates, fire alarm systems, intercom systems and telecommunication installations.

Horizon innovation is a business entity that offers a new and affordable security product, the 'Security Master' - a system which has great technological edge over its competition.

Compared to existing security products and services in the market, this multi-award winning innovative product brings the whole concept of security into the hands of the client through the GSM mobile service and the internet thus empowering the client to monitor, control andcommunicate with the security system remotely from virtually any part of the world at any time.

It communicates via programmed voice modules; relays videos and images over the internet protocol or mobile; quantifies threat levels;texts or calls upon intrusion, receives and executes commands sent through SMS, and protects occupants by zapping intruders.