Products & Services

Security Cameras


We specialize in installation of high resolution IP CCTV systems including PTZ cameras. Our team of experts also works with you to make it possible for remote viewing over the internet, LAN as well as through mobile phone applications.


Our GSM Wireless Security Alarm System, the ‘Security Master’ which has won both national and international awards is a micro controller based system that is entirely wire free.

The ‘Security Master’ system is highly rated and is an extremely popular choice among homeowners who want a simple but full home alarm system that is easy to install and operate. The system can be installed in your home or business within an hour and does not require a long-term commitment for a home monitoring service as you can monitor remotely yourself in real time through the phone via text or call.


Rest assured that your assets are safe when you protect your property with our access control systems, complete with visible and concealed features. Our state-of-the-art, on-site security systems provide peace of mind and unmatched protection against intruders and other unauthorized persons. With our customized security features, cutting-edge technology, and experienced installation and support staff, at Horizon Innovation we allow you to:

Eliminate Key Problems

Say goodbye to the locks and keys and hello to the savings by eliminating the hassles of keyed entry. By installing our electronic access system, you’ll save yourself time and money. Your facilities will be safe from unwanted intruders, leaving you with no need to worry about tracking who has keys or if reproductions have been made.

Restrict Unauthorized Access

Our access Control Systems lets you determine authorized points of entry by creating access restrictions. With this system, authorized individuals can access certain areas within specified hours. Ideal for homes, workplace situations, employers can grant limited access to employees without increasing the risk for theft or damage to assets and inventory.

Home Automated Solutions

At horizon Innovation, we have a wide range of designs and features for your home or commercial automated security requirements. These can be switching on/ off electrical appliances remotely, sliding gates for confined drives with limited space, or automated gates with worm drive or articulated operators. We have many designs tailor made to suit your budget and needs at very competitive prices. With our home automation systems, you can control access to your drive from the comfort of your home.